Oxford-Sylva Scholarship

Department of Plant Sciences, University of Oxford

The Oxford-Sylva Foundation Graduate Scholarship was launched in Autumn 2010 in partnership with the Department of Plant Sciences, University of Oxford.

The theme of the scholarship is healthy trees and productive forests. This reflects a joint vision between the Sylva Foundation and Plant Sciences to foster a robust tree and forest resource in the light of projected environmental change.

Changes in the frequency and occurrence of pests and pathogens are seen as significant potential threats to our tree resource. Increased stress on tree health is anticipated with environmental change, further increasing tree susceptibility to pests and pathogens. Impacts in the forest ecosystem as a result of changes to management practise and environmental variability are also poorly understood.

Maintaining a healthy and functioning tree resource is critically important to support the delivery of a wide range of sustainable outputs, including wood products for a low carbon society.

2013-17 Oxford-Sylva Scholarship programme

The first Oxford-Sylva scholar Kirsty Monk studied the role of cord-forming fungi in British woodlands (2010-14).

Current scholar Louise Hill started her research in October 2013.

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Sylva Scholar
Louise Hill
Research Title:
Ecosystem Consequences of Ash Dieback